The Misfits and Heroes blog gives readers of the novels some background information about what life was like for ancient people, according to archaeological finds.  Discoveries like the pierced, decorated shells and red ocher block (photo), which are over 80,000 years old, tell us that ancient people were far more sophisticated than we once thought.

The blog covers current topics in archaeology, including migration patterns, the Clovis-First theory, the importance of astronomical records, ancient art and artifacts, various maps, and an occasional blog hop and guest post.

While it began as a companion to the Misfits and Heroes novels, it has morphed into a consideration of all things ancient and their echoes in the modern world.

February, 2017  The Misfits and Heroes blog celebrated its fifth year.  In those five years, the blog has had 111,875 views from 71,291 visitors!

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