Cave Art of Northern Spain - presentation at the Springfield Township Library, February 22, 2018 - with photos and hands-on opportunities to explore cave art painting techniques

The Holly Vault, April 27, 2018, Ladies Night Out, books, crafts, and presentations

August 4, Ortonville Book Signing Event

Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa (ebook) will be free on Amazon, on September 26 and 27.

The Misfits and Heroes blog:

Since it began in 2011, the Misfits and Heroes blog has had 102,039 visitors and 153,389 views!  Many thanks to Wordpress for running such a friendly platform for the blog.

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 Short Stories 

"The Experiment," a short story about domesticated velociraptors, was chosen for inclusion in the Midnight Writers' 2016 anthology.

"Weekend Guests at the Artist's House" was included in The Foliate Oak Literary Journal, November 2016.

"Set of Christmas plates, mixed years" was accepted by Shark Reef literary magazine, for inclusion in their June 2017 issue.

"Flowers on the Door" was accepted by The Sunlight Press, August 2017 and published in April 2018.

"It doesn't matter what you say, babies just like the sound of your voice" was published in Persimmon Tree, September 2018

"Encounter in the Diner" won the Rock Springs Review Fiction award, 2018.

Now available on Kindle as well as in paperback:

Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa
Past the Last Island (Revised edition)
A Meeting of Clans
A Family of Strangers

A Meeting of Clans was selected as a finalist in the Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards.  

Sad to say, Pages Bookstore in Flint has closed its doors.  It was a very welcoming place for new authors.  We'll miss all the fine folks there.  Fortunately, Totem Books is now open in Flint, and carrying the Misfits and Heroes books.

Cottage Books in Goodrich has a new location on M-15.

Misfits and Heroes books are also available in the Flint Public Library as well as the Springfield Township Library

Past the Last Island, revised edition, received a 4-star review from Indie Reader, earning it the "Indie Reader Approved" sticker.

 A Meeting of Clans received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best prehistoric fiction book

A Meeting of Clans received a 5-star review from Foreword Clarion

A Meeting of Clans received a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite

A Meeting of Clans received a 5-star review from Indie Reader and received the "Indie Reader Approved" sticker

A Family of Strangers received a 5-star review from Foreword Clarion:
A Family of Strangers received a 4-star (highest rating) review from Indie Reader.  Now all four books carry the "IndieReader Approved" sticker.

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