Other Notable Indie Fiction:

Chelo Diaz-Ludden, The Second Crack (mystery)
Loren Lockner, Heart of Africa (adventure, romance)
Dean C. Moore, Love on the Run (adventure, crime)
Matt Abraham, Dane Curse (alternate universe PI)
N. W. Moore,  The Black Swans (Irish myth, romance)
V. J. Patterson, When Crows Fly Low (romance)
C. D. Gorri, Wolf Moon (werewolves)
Justin Hamlin, The Samurai of Gosford Green (alternate reality, crime)
Rachel Sharp, The Big Book of Post Collapse Fun (adventure, post-disaster humor - a fabulous book)
Pan Orpheus, The Antikythera and The Source (steampunk, speculative history, adventure - a little of everything)

Thoroughly enjoyable reads.  Give them a shot.