Misfits and Heroes series: 

Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa,

Past the Last Island,

A Meeting of Clans

A Family of Strangers

Set 14,000 years ago, Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa, the first in the Misfits and Heroes series, traces the journey of a group of wanderers and friends as they head down the river to the coast of West Africa.

When war breaks out between coastal tribes, they attempt to flee by taking to the sea, but they're swept out into the open water, unable to return.  Wind and currents push them across the sea and into strange new worlds.

In the end, some find a new home while others search for the old one. 

Listed as one of Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2011

"A novel you can get lost in" - Carol Ryan, author of Right Now Is Perfect

Set in the same period, Past the Last Island, the second book in the Misfits and Heroes series, follows a group of explorers across the South Pacific, starting in what is now eastern Indonesia and island-hopping to what is now Fiji, the last island before the endless sea.  There, they decide to find out what lies past the last island, traveling into an unknown world still ruled by spirits.

The adventure changes all of them.  

"A hauntingly beautiful book" - Christopher Holt

Members of the two groups make contact for the first time in A Meeting of Clans, the third book in the series.  

Listed in Kirkus Reviews' "Summer Novels You Won't Be Able to Put Down," June 2014

5 stars - Clarion Foreword Reviews

When a corrupt chief dies, the ancestors refuse to accept him.  Instead they send him back to try it again.  With his short temper and confused memories, he faces a hard road to redemption.

" A Family of Strangers is an epic tale set in Northern Spain fourteen thousand years ago.  Its richly detailed world, singular characters, and mix of cultures make for an engrossing adventure." - Foreword Clarion Review, 5 stars

Listed as one of IndieReader's Best Reviewed Books of November 2017, IndieReader Approved

"As human as a rejected  spouse and as ethereal as a song from the sea" - review by Sheila Deeth

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